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I have been working on different CPQs for quite some time and wanted to take up the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist certification.There were very few resources to prepare for the same, other than the Exam Guide. Special thanks to this Vandevelde Jan’s tips to pass this exam since it is the first of the experience sharing blogs which I found.

I completed my Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist (SP17) recently and thought of sharing some of the resources which were very useful in my preparation. (Spoiler alert..! None of the links have any exam questions). If you are not working specifically on Salesforce CPQ, but want to get an expertise on the same, you may have to spend about 175 to 200 hours (assuming you work on other CPQs). It would always be nice to keep comparing different CPQ features.

Without wasting further time, and with a “safe harbour” statement that this is my experience sharing, let me list down various resources in a sequential way.

Salesforce CPQ Package Installation

The best way to get started with preparing for such an exam is to spawn a sandbox specifically for learning purposes and using different features in Salesforce CPQ. You can install Salesforce CPQ from the links given in SteelBrick’s Package Installation Links page. You can install only Salesforce CPQ. Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ and other packages can also be installed, but I didn’t install while I was preparing for this exam. It is to be noted that the license is valid for 3 months only (it does give some motivation to learn faster). Install the latest version of the package in you developer instance.

My blogs on understanding each part of CPQ

C: Configure products & bundles

P: Pricing & Discounting capabilities

Q: Quote process, document generation & post sale transactions (renewals, add ons, etc)

Salesforce CPQ Basics

Salesforce Trailhead for CPQ Basics

Video: Intro to SteelBrick CPQ

For all video tutorials, please pause wherever required and do the exercises mentioned. They are extremely useful, and this covers the Salesforce CPQ Basics well.


Video: Create Product Families

Video: Creating Products

Video: Product Customization

Video: Account Level SteelBrick CPQ information

Check Prior Purchases & Option Constraints (To Avoid Creating Product Rules)

How to create exclusion rule between products?

Pricing & Discounts

Video: Pricing Methods

Original MSRP Pricing

Percent of Total Pricing

Lookup Object / Table

Video: Discounting

Video: Discount Schedules

Video: Complex Discounting Scenarios

Combine Block Pricing with Discount Schedules

Discounting Methods: Compound Discounts

Discount Schedules with Slab option

Term and Volume Discount schedules on one product

Video: Customer specific Pricing


Video: Product Bundles

An Overview of Product Bundles

Video: Product Features

Video: Product Related List Layouts

Video: Create Options

Video: Create Option Constraints

Bundle & Feature Level Field Sets

Bundle Structure Preserved on Opportunity Products


Configuration Attributes

Configuration Attribute Layouts

Apply to Product Options — When does it work

Custom Actions

Rules Execution:

Product rules

An Overview of Product Rules

Product Validation Rules

Validation Rules in Nested Bundles

Configuration Selection Rules

Alert Rules

Create a Product Rule Based on a Prior Purchase

Lookup Queries on Product Rules

Pricing rules

Price Rules

Price Rule Best Practices

Writing Advanced-Calculator-Compatible Formulas

Price Rule to add a product option based on another product option being selected

Price rule with lookup queries

Summary Variables

Video: Summary variables demo

Adding Summary Variables

Summary Variable Data in Quote Fields

Twin Fields

Q/A: Auto-Mapping: Twin Fields

Twinning a picklist from Product Option to Quote Line


Video: Basic Opportunity creation

Video: Quote creation

Video: Importing Quote Products through CSV

Multi-Dimensional Quoting

Video: MDQ

Guided Selling (Quote Process) Overview

Guided Selling Use Case

Dynamic Questions in Guided Selling

Quote templates & document generation

Video: Dynamic Quote Terms

Video: Quote Templates

Video: Storing Logo in documents

Video: Creating Quote templates

Video: Creating Template Content

Video: Creating Template Sections

Video: Line Columns

Video: MDQ Doc Gen

Quote Template Fields

Subscriptions / Assets

Subscription Pricing

Order Management

Order Management Overview


Localization with SteelBrick – Translation Overview

Translating Template Content

Translating Product & Bundle Fields


If any of the links which are required are missed, please feel free to mention it in comments. Would like to hear your views on how you learnt Salesforce CPQ. Happy learning, all!!

Next Edition: Salesforce CPQ – C in CPQ – Products & Bundles


31 thoughts on “Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Preparation Resources

  1. Awesome resource, Rampalli! I want to recommend another resource for migrating reference data from a staging sandbox to production. Reference data like products, pricebooks, discount schedules, etc. are very relational and therefore very time-consuming to migrate with a data loader. Prodly Moover can do this job in one pass. It is a native “relational data migration” app that was developed with the SteelBrick Professional Services team (Gilles Muys was the VP, at the time) and a number of SIs swear by it (Mike Ackerman at Coastal Cloud in the US says they use Moover on every CPQ implementation). There is even a CPQ template (script) to speed things up further. Here’s a link to the Prodly website: It is also listed on the AppExchange here:

    1. Thanks Pal. Practice tests, I couldn’t find any. I am preparing some training content to upload on YouTube which will help in understanding most important CPQ concepts and implementing in Salesforce CPQ.

      1. Hello Nitish, I posted some training material in ‘My blogs on understanding each part of CPQ’ section of the same page. Feel free to let me know if more information is required. Hope it helps in your learning journey.

  2. Hi Rampalli;
    I don’t have access to Sandbox environment, is it possible to install the Steelbricj CPQ package free fo cost to Developer instance?

    Please guide me.


  3. Hi Rampalli,

    Very detailed and helpful information. Thank you for sharing. Please share youtube videos and sample tests for CPQ certification.

    1. Glad these resources were useful to you. I am getting a cheatsheet / technical notes which we can go through. Will only be helpful after going through the above resources though, which you already did.

      Will share it once it is done. If you found a few other pages not mentioned here, feel free to add here.

  4. Hi Rampalli,

    very good information .Is salesforce cpq and steelbrick cpq are same.Iam confused with some videos seeing the package name as steelbrick cpq but i can’t find any package with name steelbrick cpq .

  5. please tell about configure option after installing salesforce cpq.What fields are required in Documents Groups,LineEditor,Plugins,Pricing and Calculation,Subscriptions and Renewals,Quote,Order,Additional Settings

  6. Hi Rampalli,
    Do you know how to access the Knowledge articles which you have linked above? Now that the Steelbrick Community has been merged into Salesforce, all the above links are broken.

  7. Hi Rampali,

    I am preparing for CPQ specialist exam and your site is very helpful. Thanks for the efforts!!

    Recently, the links redirecting to doesn’t work. And some of other links that direct to salesforce help goes to Salesforce home page. Is steelbrick community retired?

    Any thoughts?

      1. Hi Rampalli,

        Do you to CPQ one-on-one training? If so, how do I get in touch with you about it?


  8. Hi Rampalli ,
    Thank you for your awesome blog on CPQ. Kindly help to understand how we can create attributes to the Product in Sfdc cpq. I am asking this question as i have worked in Siebel Crm products. Thanks

  9. Hi Rampalli,

    Thank you for your reply. My Whats app no is +65-90531160.

    Kindly remove my no from this blog once you have seen the message.


  10. HI Sharma Garu,
    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    One question I have, before learning salesforce CPQ.
    What is the difference between salesforce CPQ and Apttus CPQ?

  11. HI.. your content is good. I’m very new to salesforce cpq and I’m doing in lighting mode, here I’m following trailhead content also for practice,

    I can able to create products but not able to add them into any of the quote / opportunity. Do I need to change any objects, please guide me

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