Salesforce CPQ – P in CPQ – Pricing & Discounts

This is the third edition of my Salesforce CPQ series which is intended to give an overview of CPQ concepts and how they can be implemented in Salesforce CPQ. I would recommend you to go through the earlier editions on Salesforce certified CPQ Specialist resources and Salesforce CPQ – C in CPQ – Configure Products & Bundles before reading this … Continue reading Salesforce CPQ – P in CPQ – Pricing & Discounts


Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Preparation Resources

I have been working on different CPQs for quite some time and wanted to take up the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist certification.There were very few resources to prepare for the same, other than the Exam Guide. Special thanks to this Vandevelde Jan's tips to pass this exam since it is the first of the experience … Continue reading Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist Preparation Resources

Political Speak: Besides AAP & Delhi….

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), a new entrant and yet another political party in the vibrant Indian Democracy got a rousing welcome from Delhi's electorate in the recently declared results. AAP clocked 28 Seats of the 70 member legislative assembly. Delhi’s electorate delivered an encouraging verdict to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with a tally of 32 … Continue reading Political Speak: Besides AAP & Delhi….

Evaluating ROI on social media for Telecom Service Providers

Most telecom service providers use IT in key business processes like Marketing, Sales & Service. It would be worthwhile to integrate social media listening capabilities with the current systems so that the social media impact on the business can be measured. Below are a few metrics I could think of that can be used to … Continue reading Evaluating ROI on social media for Telecom Service Providers

Social Media’s impact to Businesses

Background / Introduction Social media is increasingly becoming an important source / channel for businesses & customers to understand each other. The amount of information about the businesses, consumers, products & services on the web is increasing exponentially, so much so that 90% of the data on the internet has been created in the last … Continue reading Social Media’s impact to Businesses

Siebel Wireless for Mobile/Smart-phones

Background/Introduction This is one of my hobby projects to integrate a mobile framework with Siebel CRM to achieve a user-friendly easy-to-use interface. I have seen a very few mobile frameworks which seamlessly integrate with Siebel CRM, of which I felt jQuery Mobile framework is the best. I thought I could just create a small mobile … Continue reading Siebel Wireless for Mobile/Smart-phones